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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Proof Of MSM Lefty-Bias

Writing in today's NYPost Ian Bishop, reveals Clinton's response when he heard that the ABC documentary The Path to 9/11 revealed the flaws of his administrtion's anti-terror efforts:
Clinton, whose aides first learned from a TV trailer about a week ago that the miniseries would slam his administration, was "surprised" and "incredulous" when told about the film's slant, sources said.
There is nothing new to the public knowledge that Clinton fiddled (with Monica) while Islamofascism burned a trail to 9/11. Surely he has heard the anger directed at him for his inept attempts -- bombing a Libyan aspirin factory, firing a cruise missile into an empty Afghanistan training camp, treating the first WTC bombing as a police matter -- and understands that most of America viewed his response as inadequate and a causal factor of future, worse attacks.

So why the surprise and incredulity? That there's a "slant?" Or that ABC dared to bring rank with the Libs and make it?

Clinton's refusal to deal with his place in history is symptomatic of the Dems' overriding tendancy to look at the moment, the message, the media op -- anything but history. Because history is a hard judge, a tough lesson, a demander of difficult choices.

Or, to put it another way:
One can quibble with some elements but only a fool would ignore the message: America's intelligence apparatus was woefully unprepared for 9/11, and remains dangerously inadequate today. It is a frightening, sobering warning.
That's L. Brent Bozell III writing a strong defense of the documentary at Media Research Center.

Hat-tip: memeorandum
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