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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Greens Ignore The Reds

The latest environmental nightmare news to come out of Communist China:

Hundreds of people in northwestern China have been hospitalized with lead poisoning that was likely caused by pollution from a nearby smelter, state media and local officials said Wednesday.

The poisonings in two villages in poverty-stricken Gansu province added to a string of recent pollution disasters in China that have prompted violent protests in some areas.

The first sign of trouble in the villages of Xinsi and Moba came on Aug. 18, when medical tests showed 10 people had high levels of lead in their blood, the Beijing Daily Messenger reported.

Health officials conducted checkups and "discovered that almost every family in the villages had the same kind of problem," or at least 879 residents, the newspaper said. The youngest victim was 5 months old.

"Children started feeling ill and their parents brought them to a local hospital," an official from Hui county, where the two villages are located, said by phone. "We suspect that they were sickened by pollution caused by a lead smelter nearby that discharged waste into the air."

The Chinese continue to put the State, i.e., economic advancement, above the People, especially rural people, in true Communist form.

Here in America, our environmentalists go wacko over trace amounts of lead falling from fireworks displays and sue to stop the shows. I thought they were supposed to think globally. These Chinese nightmares have been going on for years, and Soviet/Eastern Bloc enviro-disasters preceded them. Yet the Greenies never went after the Reds.

Need more evidence that environmentalism is just another socialist front?

Hat-tip: Jim
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