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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dem Dirge Drumbeat?

Dems appear to be mis-reading their research. They're seeing numbers that say the war in Iraq is unpopular, but are ignoring numbers that show protection from Islamo-terrorism is a high priority among all voters.

How else can you explain their reaction to a proposed House resolution on 9/11 today?

Rep. Maurice Hinchey, for example, attacked the resolution's statement that the nation is safer today than it was before Sept. 11:
"I think a great many people disagree with it, because all of the evidence points in the other direction. We are not safer today than we were."
What evidence, pray tell? Most people get it that we haven't been attacked in five years; therefore we are safer. The "not safer" argument may have had more appeal when Kerry was gunning for Bush's office in 2004, but with each month that goes by, the argument gets weaker.

Apparently no one whispered this in Hinchey's ear. They might have been afraid bats would come out and bite them. You remember Hinchey ... a noted 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Witness his defense of protestors who were arrested at a military recruiting center:
"[W]hat they were protesting was the conspiracy of the Administration of George W. Bush to bring about an attack and then an occupation of the country of Iraq, and as a result making the world a much more dangerous and difficult place than it was prior to those actions." (source)
AP also says Dems attacked the resolution's support for the House border security bill. They apparently weren't following the Graf/Huffman GOP House race in Arizona, where a party outsider who's tough on immigration beat the GOP-backed and -funded immigration moderate.

The large-posteriored John Murtha was fired up too:
Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., who supports an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, said officials sitting on their "fat backsides in the Oval Office" and elsewhere in Washington should stop making excuses for poor planning in Iraq. He called for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, while acknowledging a resolution to remove him would probably never get a vote.
Murtha rolls out his anti-Rumsfield rhetoric weekly and nothing ever happens. It's that definition of insanity thing; he keeps doing it and keeps expecting a different outcome.

All this points to the theme that should dominate the remaining six weeks of election season:

Bin Laden wants the Dems to win!

Say it again and again, from every podium and platform while giving the Dems plenty of opportunity to do what they do, which is attack the tools we are using to keep terrorism off our shores.

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