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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Syrian Attack: A Fine Outcome

Happy anniversary of Sept. 11.

Yes, they were a day late, but the four terrorists who just attacked our embassy in Damascus almost certainly had the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in mind when they hatched their plan to blow up the embassy.

Fortunately, things didn't turn out as they planned. It appears their van, loaded with pipe bombs and propane cannisters, did not go off ... was someone too chicken to meet Allah in bits and pieces after his martyrdom? ... so in the end, no Americans died, one Syrian police officer is dead and several innocent Syrians were injured. And three of the four terrorists are now facing eternity. Too bad for them.

The remaining terrorist is in Syrian hands. No questions will be raised about torture or human rights or the quality of care in the prison in which he now resides, and interrogations will proceed.

I don't expect we'll get much intelligence cooperation from the Syrians, but in their own bizarre way, they're anti-terrorist, having suffered through a few attacks themselves. So if the whole plot wasn't plotted by the Syrian government, something that's unlikely given the potential repercussions, this prisoner is probably already wishing he died in the gun battle.

The last positive outcome of the event is that it puts the Syrians in a tough spot. We will be demanding intelligence cooperation and will be seeking ways to take out the infrastructure that supported these guys. Syria's response will be very visible, and anything that makes Assad and his henchmen squirm is good.

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