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Saturday, September 09, 2006

State Agency Supports Nutters

My good friend Jim heads up Trails 4 All, a local group that not surprisingly advocates trails. One of his big jobs is to head up the Inner-Coastal and Watershed Clean-up Day, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Kudos, Jim, and thanks for all the tons of trash you and your volunteers have picked up from our canyons and streams over the last nine years. You make OC a better place to live.

But enough about Jim; let's talk about the California Coastal Commission. While it's not busy pillaging property rights along the coast, it's the lead agency behind the Coastal and Inner-Coastal clean-ups.

So the Commission sent Jim his official clean-up T-shirt, along with paperwork voluteers could use to order their own. Inside Jim's package was a catalog from the T-shirt manuacturer that prominently displayed this T-shirt, in which our president is headlined as "The Moron of Terror."

I visited the site, Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Company, and indeed found this particularly distasteful piece of moral relativism -- and wondered how Morris could make it the centerfold of a promotional flier in the week before September 11.

Perusing the catalog bravely for your edification, I also found the following nutter T-shirts:
Granted, most of Morris' work is environmental and some of it is quite pretty. But politically, this is a company that is as far on fringe as Michael Moore and anyone, any organization, that supports it is giving its money to a cause, not a company.

Of all the T-shirt hawkers in the country, why did a California state agency pick this one as its official supplier? The question needs to be asked, and I've asked it. You can ask it to by emailing Meg Caldwell, the Commission's chair, at megcoastal (at)

That done, I'll share one more Morris T-shirt with you. While the others were just nutter, this one shows quite a lot of creativity; whacky creativity, but creativity:
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