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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lefties Moves Beyond "Path"

John at Americablog is not yet assuming the crybabies won't be able to stop ABC from airing a solid and fully informative Path to 9/11 tonight, but he's planning ahead, laying out an 11-point plan for attacking ABC and Disney after the broadcast.

It starts off with the obvious:
1. Legal component.

Clearly Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, Madeleine Albright and American Airlines have good cause to sue Disney/ABC, the BBC, Australian and New Zealand television, and any local affiliate that broadcasts the show. How can we further help their lawsuit? I think a first step is paying close attention in each country to how the show is being marketed. Get us copies of ads, promotions, etc. that show local broadcasters and others promoting the show as true and non-fiction. How else can we help their suit?

2. Legislative.

Clearly Disney/ABC has a lot of legislation before congress that they care about. I already know of one telecom bill by Senator McCain that they're mortified of - the Consumers Having Options in Cable Entertainment (CHOICE) Act of 2006. I propose that we start a nationwide grassroots campaign to get that bill passed. What other legislation can we push to ensure that companies like Disney/ABC never again try to unethically influence an American election?
Litigating and legislating, of course, are two-way streets, and John doesn't seem to realize that ABC and the show's producers would defend themselves in court and public hearings, using depositions and evidentiary procedures to further embarass the Clintonistas.

Then John does a typical Lefty Big Brother play. (Interesting how Leftists are so afraid of Big Brother, but so eager to use it for their ends.)
3. File broadcast standards complaints.

We can do this in New Zealand and any other country that has such a broadcast standards board (and which airs the show - Canada? Australia? UK?) Basically, they have a board that ensure that TV broadcasts are fair, balanced, and accurate.
We have such procedures here, to, called licence challenges, but John doesn't seem to have that notch in his mental belt yet. But let's get this right: What he's calling for is for a government board of non-electeds to decide what's fair and balanced, and what is not. That is a terrifying thought, one that would bring Western liberal democracies closer to totalitarian regimes.

It's particularly frightening because Conservative administrations are more likely to honor the Constitutional privileges of free speech and be laisse faire about Leftist transgressions, but when Libs take control, they would use the laws against Conservative broadcasters.

The rest of the points are typical Leftist organizing schlock and merit little attention except for this one, which really boggles the mind. Does John really think he'll get very many people behind him when he recommends:
8. Steve Jobs and Apple

If iTunes goes ahead and lets Disney/ABC offer this show for free via iTunes, then Apple and Steve Jobs, the largest shareholder in Disney, need to be taught a lesson about defaming September 11 and using their companies to illegally and unfairly influence the US elections for the Republicans. What more can we do to show Steve Jobs and Apple that we won't tolerate them turning Apple into a far-right Republican shill?
Ultra-hip Apple as a shill for the far right? This guy really is a nutter. If he thinks the pods of ipod-totin' 20- and- 30-somethings are going to forego their magic, hip white boxes because ABC might have gotten a few nuances about Clinton wrong, let him lead the charge into battle.

And be the first to fall.

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