Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

American May Sue ABC ... So What?

American Airlines is considering litigation and may pull its advertising from ABC in order to protest its portrayal in The Path to 9/11, reports AdWeek.

Of course, the left is playing this up as a major indication that the show was false, false, false. And in fact it did mess up here: American Airlines had nothing to do with allowing Atta to pass through a checkpoint even though a security warning flashed upon the entry of his name --that happened at a US Airways check-in in Maine, not American in Boston.

But like so much of the criticism, it entirely misses the point. The point is that Atta was passed through, that our system was weak and even then not applied correctly.

Other than American, which has a very legit gripe, and the producers, who may have to shell out some cash, who cares of the scene depicted the wrong airline? Who cares if the leader of the Northern Alliance may never have seen the Taliban training camp he spied on in the movie? Who cares if Sandy Berger slammed down, or didn't slam down a phone?

All that matters is the big picture, and the big picture, as was portrayed accurately in Path to 9/11 is that they're after us, we screwed up, and we can't screw up again ... as we apparently just did with the Taliban funeral.