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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mahmoud On "Minutes" This Sunday

Oh, this is just what we need -- Mike Wallace interviewing Mah- I'm- In- The- Mood- For- WWIII Ahmadinijad (rhymes with "Shoot my other side, this profile's bad").

CBS tells us:
Speaking about President Bush's failure to answer his 18-page letter that criticized U.S. foreign policy, Ahmadinejad said, "Well, (with the letter) I wanted to open a window towards the light for the president so that he can see that one can look on the world through a different perspective. … We are all free to choose. But please give him this message, sir: Those who refuse to accept an invitation will not have a good ending or fate. You see that his approval rating is dropping every day. Hatred vis-à-vis the president is increasing every day around the world. For a ruler, this is the worst message that he could receive. Rulers and heads of government at the end of their office must leave the office holding their heads high."

On what the "conducive conditions" would be for Iran to establish relations with the U.S., the president said, "Well, please look at the makeup of the American administration, the behavior of the American administration. See how they talk down to my nation. And this recent resolution passed about the nuclear issue, look at the wording. They have given us — presented us with a package which we are studying right now. We even gave them a date for our response. Ignoring that, they passed a resolution. They want to build an empire. And they don't want to live side-by-side in peace with other nations. The American government, sir, it is very clear to me they have to change their behavior and everything will be resolved. (George W. Bush) believes that his power emanates from his nuclear warhead arsenals. The time of the bomb is in the past, it's behind us. Today is the era of thoughts, dialogue and cultural exchanges."
That CBS would give this lying Persian Hitler a forum for his bile is truly reprehensible. I don't trust 60 Minutes and Mike Wallace to give Ahmadinejad the verbal slap upside the head this tripe deserves ... because they'll cut anyone who feeds their Bush Derangement Syndrome some slack.

If "the time of the bomb" is in the past, why don't they just agree to the UN resolution? If they like thoughts and dialog, why don't they allow their people to think and speak freely instead of rapidly becoming the world's #2 purveyor of capital punishment?

And until his idea of cultural exchange excludes exchanging the population of Israel for Muslims, he should not be given a soapbox. But thanks to CBS, he'll have that soapbox this Sunday evening.

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