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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How Holy Are Those Saudis?

Islamists never miss an opportunity to tell us how corrupt Western society is, and how Islam sets a higher standard. It's one reason why they kill us.

The Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia are among the strictest of the the bunch. Or are they? From the Arab Times, the official mouthpiece of the Saudi royal family:

The number of Saudis that tested HIV positive is on the increase year after year, causing concern among authorities about the growing cases of AIDS in the country.

Of the 10,120 people that have tested HIV positive in the Kingdom since the first case was identified in 1984, 2,316 were Saudis, according to figures released by the Health Ministry. This figure is up from 7,804 in 2005, according to Dr. Tarek Madani, adviser to the health minister and consultant for contagious diseases. ...

The Health Ministry adviser said the number of new reported AIDS victims (not counting foreign residents) could reach an additional 360 by the end of this year. The health official based his estimate on the growth rate of AIDS cases in the country in the past years.

Dr. Madani expected further increase in new cases of AIDS among Saudis during the next five years ....

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