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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Whistling Past The Historical Graveyard

Gershon Baskin (right, but he's really on the left) is a Long Island-born Israeli who works with Palestinians for a two-state solution. Despite his name, he's several scoops short of a sundae.

In a Ynet op/ed, Baskin says what won't work as a solution to the Middle East crisis:
Prime Minister Olmert spoke about changing the rules of region as an end-game political consequence of the war. That goal will not be achieved through the military campaign.
Let's forget the fact that successful military campaigns have assured Israel's continued existence since the day of its formation and ask Baskin what, then, is the solution?
The rules of the game in the Middle East will only be changed when some of the currently persona no-grata are invited to the table.
He's speaking of course of Syrian despot and daddy's boy Bashar al-Asad, purveyor of missiles to Hezbollah, murderer Rafik Hariri (I know it's not proved yet ... the UN is still investigating), acceptor of Saddam's WMDs. Yes, let's bring him to the table.

Can't be any worse than bringing Arafat to the table.

But how do we get Syria to cooperate with us instead of pursuing their Baathist/Fascist ambitions?
Syria can be brought into the process if the United States provides Syria with sufficient assurances that it will gain significantly, both in terms of US and Western financial support and investments in Syria and by knowing that the Golan Heights will be returned to Syria sovereignty in exchange of peace with Israel.
Brilliant. Reward the scoundrels and they'll pledge their trothe to us. Like when we supported Iran against Iraq. Or the Mujuhadeen against Russia.

And I love the idea of transferring the Golan Heights to the guys who provided Hezbollah with rockets to fire into Israel. That'll work out as fine as forfeiting the old buffer in South Lebanon. Maybe even better. Missiles in Tel Aviv. To make sure this far-fetched concept is safe, Baskin wants the US to ensure the Golan will remain demilitarized. How, exactly?

Getting to full foam of the mouth, Baskin blathers on, dreaming of a Syria that will close its border with Iraq (better than we close ours with Mexico?) and stop providing sanctuary to Hezbollah and Hamas and Islamic Jihad. When pigs fly. Islamic pigs.

But what about the Hezbollah armies? What do you do with them? Baskin has the answer:
Hizbullah must be part of whatever international arrangement is reached. At this point it seems that the best option is for Hizbullah fighters to be integrated into the Lebanese army.
Can you say "coup?"

If you don't impose a ceasefire, if you don't co-opt yourself into a cesspool dance with Syria, if you don't give up the Golan, if you just go on killing Hezbollah 'til they've got nothing left, then you won't have to deal with them in the future Lebanon.

Once that's done, we can spark up a conversation with Asad. He'll probably be much more attentive then.

Hat-tip: Jim
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