Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hello, Mr. Headline Writer?

Hey, AP headline writer guy! This morning people around the globe are reading your handiwork on Yahoo, MSN and other news home pages. You must be mighty proud, yes, mighty proud. After all, you got this beaut through:

Brilliant. Since virtually all your readers know Lebanon has been Israel's target, they'll assume it's Israel that broke the ceasefire, even though it was Hezbollah.

You know of course, AP headline writer guy, that if you worked somewhere that cared about accurately presenting the truth, one of your superiors -- and it apparently doesn't take much to be superior to you -- would have changed it to something like "Hezbollah fires rockets despite ceasefire." I know something about headline counts; yours is 33, mine is 34, so don't tell me mine's too long -- just say it: Mine is too accurate.

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