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Monday, August 14, 2006

Most Interesting Tidbit Of The Day

Helena Houdova's bra, right, is there for a reason. Read on ...

Who better to fight totalitarian Communist dictators than nations recently liberated from totalitarian Communist dictators? Patrick O'Hannigan of Paragraph Farmer passes this along in his new American Spectator column:
It's not just Cuban exiles who despise Castro and his cult of personality. In a July 24 story headlined "Cuban regime feeling heat from Czechs," Miami Herald reporter Pablo Bachelet summarized the current climate this way: "Once a subservient member of the Soviet bloc, the Czech Republic is now one of Fidel Castro's top foreign tormentors, providing material and moral support to dissidents, leading efforts to condemn the island's human-rights record in U.N. bodies and pushing a reluctant European Union to take a tougher stance on Castro."

Czech support for Cuban dissidents goes beyond badgering the United Nations and funding clandestine radio broadcasts. This detail could have come straight from a pitch meeting for a movie of the week, but it really happened: "Czech supermodel Helena Houdova slipped into the island and took photos of Cuban slums. Police detained her for 11 hours, but she managed to smuggle out the camera's memory card in her bra -- creating a media stir in Prague and later displaying the photos in an exhibit."

Let's hear it for supermodels' bras! Anything to help bring down Castro and the Libs' fawning fondness of his socially devastating regime.

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