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Monday, August 21, 2006

Dog Days For Islam

Hassan Nasrallah is the new hero of the Arab Middle East, right? Everybody loves the guy; not a critical word to be heard, eh? Maybe this is why it appears to be so:
Two Palestinian families attacked each other with knives and clubs at a wedding last week after one guest cursed the leader of Lebanon’s Hizbullah terrorist group. Seven people were seriously wounded, according to Palestinian security officials.

It took Palestinian police three hours to break up the brawl that erupted in the village of Aqada near the West Bank town of Jenin after a critic called Sheik Hassan Nasrallah “a dog,” they said.
Islam: It's not just the Religion of Peace; it's the Religion on Tolerance!

From Tom Gross' Mideast Media Analysis, hat-tip to memeorandum
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