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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Was It A Muslim? Gee, We Just Don't Know!

Two suspects have been identified and one arrested in last month's foiled train bombing plan in Germany. That's the one in which gas cannisers failed to explode.

The German newspapers Der Spiegel and Bild am Sonntag have stories. Der Spiegel's is the older of the two, written before an arrest was made; here's what it says about the suspects:
The suspect has been identified following the police's evaluation of the security camera footage shot on the train platform. But little is still known about the man's background and motives and he remains at large. Security officials have also indicated that a second person may have been involved in planning the foiled bombings, according to the paper.

German police investigators discovered a plastic bag with Arabic lettering in one of the two suitcases. The bag has been traced to a store in the Lebanese capital Beirut. But such bags have been imported to Germany in large number in recent months, so that police investigators do not believe the foiled attacks can be tied to Lebanon.
Hmmm. Might be a Muslim, Islamofascist thing ... can't be sure. Bomb, train, Arabic bag ... no real reason to think that the Religion of Peace is at work here. Maybe Bild Am Sonntag will supply more info. And it does, sort of:

Police said on Friday they were looking for two male suspects who were caught by video cameras boarding the trains with the suitcases in Cologne.

They have said the bombs may have been part of a terrorist plot designed to show anger over the Middle East crisis.

As usual, we'll have to wait until they arrest Mohammed and Akmed before the media or police will acknowledge that there's cause to be worried about Muslims in our midst. [Insert standard "not all Muslims" disclaimer here]

Bush once attacked Kerry for seeing the fight against terrorism as a mere police action, not a war action. Both were wrong, of course. Like the SNL product Sparkle ("It's a floor wax and a dessert topping!"), the war on terror must be fought as a police action and a military action.

And good police work is supposed to begin with a description of the suspects.

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