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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well, At Least She Ticked Off PETA

Excuse the bare-naked breasts -- certainly a first for C-SM -- but it's art, you sillies! Think Venus de Milo or Rubens' Venus at the Mirror.

Or better yet, don't. Because this is art by and for people who hate art -- funded, natch, by government, because people who love art would never pay for what Kira O'Reilly, pictured with pig, considers art. As told in the Daily Mail:

The controversial Irish performance artist will invite one person at a time to watch her sit in a specially-constructed set and perform a 'crushing slow dance' with the carcass in her arms.

She claims the bizarre exhibition is an attempt to 'identify' with the pig, which she cuts with a knife during the show. ...

She will spend four hours with the dead pig - bought from a local abattoir - in her arms.

She wrote on the gallery's website: 'When I cut pig I have an urge to delve both hands into the belly, to meld into her warm flesh, my blood and her blood.'

Miss O'Reilly's fee for the performance is thought to have been drawn from £30,000 given to the gallery by the Arts Council England.

The only protest mentioned in the article is one by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA's spokesperson said,
As Miss O'Reilly seems to depend on the shock value of using a murdered pig as a prop, perhaps lacking the talent to make it as a proper artist, may we suggest she take up a day job instead to pay the bills. This is not entertainment - this is sick.
Oh amazing day! I find myself in agreement with PETA!

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