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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Union-Busting Voters

All in all, bad news for the unions in California. In one of the highest profile union campagins, the local supervisorial race, John Moorlach vs. the union pension-busters, the unions got trounced. And the teachers union was handed its Meathead on a platter, with the nuclear-powered defeat of the preschool for all referendum.

OC voters weren't buying the union arguments in the Moorlach race. The county employee pension fund is teetering because of too-rich benefits, so the union lapdog candidate was a distant also-ran. Moorlach, who blew the whistle on our county bankruptcy and has been firing warning shots about the county pension plan won by a 70-30 spread.

I hope other pension-watchers around the country see this, and where there's a need to straighten things out like there is here in OC, that they run like Moorlach did, on a single-issue, much-needed platform.

(Thanks also to the voters of my supervisorial district for voting Pat Bates in as Supe. She fought to run on the issues while her opponent tried to run a dirty campaign against a woman who just doesn't have much dirt on her. Pat won 44-37.)

Meathead lost huge, 61-39, so California won't be stealing from the rich and giving to the teachers unions to run daycares. The anti campaign was straightforward and clearheaded, and the voters understood it.

Statewide, just as I hoped, Jerry Moonbeam Brown beat his "Rocky" opponent, setting up a great race for the fall, as an aging, soft-on-crime hippy goes up against a no-nonsense Republican, Chuck Poochigian.

The issues will be intersting and the campaign tough. Pooch got about 10,000 votes more than Moonbeam, but Moonbeam's likely to pick up most of Rocky's 750,000 votes.

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