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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm Back ... Sort Of

What is a month without blogging like?

First of all, not as successful as I would have liked. I took the hiatus to help my Incredible Wife with her Voice of the Victims films and did less work than I hoped, with far fewer results than I expected.

Her films are the best drug education materials I've ever seen, but it's tough getting the media interested in dead teenagers if the purpose is to give kids necessary information -- not to shamelessly sensationalize.

I did start a blog for her which I hope will lead to greater understanding of the risks, which is a big part of her mission. See it at The Drug Report.

Did I miss C-SM? Sure, for a few days at first, and once in a while thereafter. But most of all, a month without blogging was a month of ... peace. I stress a lot about what to write here. I stress a lot about spending too much time writing here. I think about posts as I go to bed and when I wake up. I post instead of talk to my family.

And worst for my health perhaps is that when I write C-SM, I know too much about all the bad stuff going on in the world. Blessed be the man with only shallow surface knowledge, for he shall gnash his teeth less.

The primary stories I would have blogged on?
  • Haditha, of course, as what apparently is the aberrant abomination that proves the overwhelming goodness of the American military.
  • Al Gore's Michael Moore moment, as he launches a film and a presidential campaign all about global warming, which is of course the biggest threat to mankind since it threatens to be the single greatest purpetrator of government meddlesomeness in history.
  • Canada's Western states' leaders' decision to dump the Kyoto accords -- proof that there's hope that global warming advocates may still fail in their efforts to destroy capitalism and free markets by droning Al Gorian mantras.
So I'm back, but count on C-SM to change. I learned a thing or two in my month-long blog addiction recovery program.