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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Commies Want Illegals To Unite

One of the important organizers of tomorrow's illegal immigrant gathering is ANSWER, currently America's premier Communist organizer. Here's what they've got to say about their little get-together:
It's important at this critical moment to keep up the pressure and continue to focus on the streets and the mass action of the people and never allow the politicians to decide how much equality or how much inequality, or how much repression, should be meted out to the millions of hard working immigrant families.
So politicians aren't to decide? Then who, exactly is to decide? Why, the demented Communist minority!
The politicians and their corporate backers would like to see this new mass movement end because they know it could be the spark that ignites a revived nation-wide anti-racist labor movement. Immigrant workers, including the undocumented workers, are the sisters and brothers and allies of all those struggling for justice.
Yes, indeed! Workers of the world unite ... no, untie yourselves from these thrown-back whackos.

Now compare all that to how Sergio, a 27-year-old illegal day labor, explained to the OCRegister why he'd be working tomorrow:
I will work. I need to eat. This is not my country for protesting. The government is not mine. The government is yours. (not available on line)
That's right; it's ours. Now if we can just get our elected politicians to cut benefits to illegals, secure the border, and create an immigration policy that rewards those who follow a sound and reasonable legal immigration process.