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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Calm Before The Storm?

Isn't it nice that the Meixican-American Political Association, which is rallying the illegals in Orange County, made its fliers in a nice, patriotic red, white and blue (with yellow fringe). Not a hint of Mexicano green.

That doesn't stop them from lying on their "All Against the Wall" campaign:
All Against The Wall! Now it's our turn to shout that because right now, the U.S. Senate is considering legislation that would build a muro (wall) along the Mexico-U.S. border. The plan would also grant local police officers the authority to act like Immigration Officers to arrest and deport people based solely on their appearance.
It's bad enough in English, but imagine an illegal who isn't likely to ever comprehend the actual language of the bill reading "deport people based solely upon their appearance." So how many of the people demonstrating tomorrow will be demonstrating for the wrong reason?

Last night, a friend told me about how he hired some streetside illegals to move furniture out of a rental. After a crowd of them chased down his car and aggressively tried to jump in for the work, they were ready to pile out when he offered them $8 an hour -- well over miniumum wage. And that was four years ago! What's their "minimum" now?

The LATimes, interestingly enough, had no preview article to advise its readers what to expect. Strange. Are they afraid to hint that the illegals they defend may cause some real chaos tomorrow? By comparison, the OCRegister gives us OC residents a good run-down.

What do I expect? Trouble here and there. A serious effort to look like good "citizens." And more debate. And more disappointment that our electeds can't get this one right.