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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Terrorist ... Um ... What Are They?

In England and Canada, the west foiled (hopefully) two dastardly terrorist attacks planned by ... who?

In the London case, the search is still on for a potentially very lethal chemical vest. The Times of London reports:
Last night detectives were at the hospital bedside of a 23-year-old postal worker shot during a pre-dawn raid on his parents’ home, while his younger brother, aged 20, was being questioned at Paddington Green high security police station.
Postal worker? Brother? That's pretty vague. The article prattles on for many more paragraphs, skipping quickly past a reference to "a large Bengladeshi family," jumps to the second page, goes on for a few more paragraphs, and slips in another ethnicity hint:
One said: “Going into someone’s house and shooting them in front of their mum, that’s not right is it? Just because they have got a beard doesn’t mean to say you can shoot them.”
A bearded postal worker! Could it be ... a Muslim?

The next two paragraphs, numbers 21 and 22 in the story, finally let it slip:

Another friend said that after the September 11 attacks on America the older brother had started taking his religion more seriously, growing a beard and praying five times a day. “When we were younger he was no angel. But he changed, we all just grew up. He chose to go on the right path.

“He prayed five times a day, he went to the gym every day and other than that he stayed at home.

How ridiculous. Now, on to Canada, where police arrested 17 terror suspects of some religious/ethnic type or another. This story is more straightforward, leading with:
Canadian authorities said Saturday they had foiled plans for terrorist attacks in southern Ontario with the arrests of 17 people who were "inspired by al-Qaida."
But who exactly are they? We need to read through several paragraphs to get to:
"The men arrested yesterday are Canadian residents from a variety of backgrounds. For various reasons, they appeared to have become adherents of a violent ideology inspired by al-Qaida," said Luc Portelance, the assistant director of operations with CSIS — Canada's spy agency.
While the article mentions al Qaida and names a certain "Muhammed" (may the prophet of peace continue to kill and brutalize, praise Allah) fellow who had been arrested under the same law used against the 17 whatevers arrested yesterday, it never gets around to saying the suspected terrorists are of the Islamic school of terrorism.

This may be because there's really no other school of terrorism working today, and the media assumes we get it. We do.

But that's not it. The media continue to extend brain-numbing courtesty to the Islamic religion, promponents of which use its teachings as a rationale for continuing to shelter terrorists, fund terrorists, train terrorists, and encourage terrorists.

We all know it. The media just won't say it.

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