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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Media Slaps Iran

The World Association of Newspapers showed that the media isn't afraid to slap down an Islamofascist regime ... as long as it suppresses media freedoms.

In awarding long-jailed Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji its Golden Pen of Freedom Award, WAN both recognized a true freedom fighter and captured the world's attention with a message of the horrible human rights violations being carried out in the name of Allah in Iran. Ganji was sentenced by the mad Mullahs to six years in prison, most of it in solitary confinement, and reportedly has been tortured in prison -- all for criticising the Imams from Hell.

WAN's statement is what the world has to hear:
"Akbar Ganji fights for freedom of expression in Iran but his efforts are watched around the globe. His remarkable resistance to repression and his steadfast refusal to be silenced, at great personal cost, is an inspiration to journalists everywhere. It is through courageous journalists who do not capitulate -- even in the face of long prison terms and even death -- that freedom advances."
I heard an outstanding clip from Ganji last night on BBC. It's still not posted on line as of early this morning, but you might want to link on over there a little later to see if it's been posted. It had some strong interview clips with Ganji and noted that the mad Mullahs have closed over 100 pro-democracy newpapers in Iran.

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