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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Role Models For Boys

I've got three girls, so I don't worry personally about the impact feminazism is having on the next generation of boys. But it is on my long list of things I worry about societally.

So I was pleased to find this list of role models for boys in a column by Doug Giles, who has been writing extensively on the subject at Town Hall. Here's his lit of 8 good role models:

1. Larry the Cable Guy. He keeps me tethered to my beloved redneck roots that are under constant attack down here in the oh so sassy South Florida. Git-R-Done, Larry.

2. Dennis Miller. Miller keeps the wise guy alive and well in me, which is a must if you want to mess with the FCP’s and have the attitude necessary to navigate the Sargasso morass the feminuts spew forth.

3. Ted Nugent. Ditto. The Nuge also brings to the table an enviable love for hunting, guns and all that is wild and free. His music, books, concerts and our conversations keep my primitive man in fine shape.

4. Os Guinness. He takes the dumb out of Christendom.

5. R.C. Sproul. He is an apt destroyer of atheistic non-sense and a brilliant communicator of the essentials of Christianity.

6. My dad. He loved one woman, raised four kids and put them through college, and at age 79 is sharp, strong and one helluva big game fisherman. Tight lines and screaming reels, Dad.

7. Several dead guys for several reasons. To name a few: Winston Churchill, Nicolai Fechin and Teddy Roosevelt. And last but certainly not least . . .

8. In the interest of copyright law compliance, you'll have to read to column to get Giles' Numero Uno role model.

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