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Friday, April 07, 2006

Gay Activists After Cal. Textbooks

If a bill before California's gay-friendly legislature becomes law, textbooks in the state will have to highlight the roles gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders have played in California history.

The Reuters article on the bill lists a grand total of one historic California gay: former SF mayor Harvey Milk. He's famous not because he was gay, but because he was shot dead as a straight doornail by a guy who cooked up the Twinkie Defense.

The bill is by Shiela Kuehl, who's the gal with the scissors, always read to castrate any homophobe who happens to pass by. Thank God she's is termed out this year (one of the exceptionally rare instances when I support term limits).

The bill is emblematic of what's wrong with the gay rights movement. Perversion activists are not willing to stop at mere acceptance, demanding instead to force-feed their sexual preferences on a society that doesn't want to hear about it.

For good reason our history books don't say, "California's first governor was Peter Burnett, a stud of a man who regularly shanked his wife Harriett, a buxom brunette who preferred the missionary position." Sexual preference is not relevant to history, except in an extremely narrow area of civil rights and the useless study of gay history (which is barely justifiable at the collegiate level and has no place anywhere else).

You'd think the few hundred elected folks who make up the Legislature would be smart enough to kill this turkey of a bill, but you'd be wrong. This is California, where the Legislature is far to the left of the populace, and the bill has already passed out of committee, much like yesterday's meal passes out of a large intestine.

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