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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Meathead Hires Junkyard Dog

Last seen running from Sacramento with his tail between his legs, Rob Meathead Reiner has hired Clinton's Lewinsky hypemeister Mark Fabiani to cover his tracks.

Fabiani was also Gore's man in Florida, where he personally smeared Katherine Harris in a most uncouth manner, and he was Michael Moore's attack dog, threatening slander suits if anyone criticized Fahrenheit 9/11.

"Rob is someone that volunteered his time and spent millions of his own money, all in the interest of improving the quality of life for kids," said Fabiani in his first public defense of his new client, before the ink was even dry on his hefty retainer check.

"You cannot use taxpayer dollars to fund a political agenda. That is precisely what Rob Reiner did,"countered GOP state senator David Cox, who has spearheaded the drive for an audit of Reiner's First 5 dominion, which spent $23 million in public money promoting early childhood education just as Reiner launched his new early childhood proposition.

For my money, Cox has got the better soundbite -- because it's got teeth.

source: Capitol Weekly. hat-tip: Flash Report
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