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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tough Math And AIDS

The average IQ of government workers must have slipped below 70.

Apparently the math involved in implementing the Bush Administration's AIDS program in Africa is too complicated for them to handle. A new General Accounting Office report calls the process too complex and has recommended that changes be made. From AP:
The administration follows a congressional recommendation that 20 percent of the overall AIDS money be reserved for preventing HIV/AIDS, and mandates a third of prevention money emphasize abstinence until marriage and faithfulness to one partner. The rest goes to condoms and efforts to reduce mother-to-child transmission and intravenous transmission.
Let's see ... Mr. Public Servant, you need to spend 20% of your budget on prevention. Spend 33 1/3 percent of that on abstinence/faithfulness, and 66 2/3 percent on condoms/mother-and-child education. (Thanks, Major, for your math-checking....)

Whoa. That is pretty darn tough.

Could it just be that they don't like anything being spent on abstinence/faithfulness education programs? Hint: Henry Waxman, Congress' Defender of Sexual Promiscuity, Especially If It's Gay Promiscuity, is all over this subject.

Perhaps Mr. Waxman perfers this kind of educational materials:

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