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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Now Here's Some Media Corruption!

Talk about old school! From the NYTimes, gleefully writing about its rival NYPost:

The New York Post is cooperating with a federal investigation into whether a longtime contributor for the Page Six gossip column — the avidly read daily log of wrongdoing, double-dealing and sexual indiscretions by celebrities both minor and major — tried to extort money from a California billionaire, according to a spokesman for the newspaper.

Several people involved in the investigation said the reporter, Jared Paul Stern, had been captured on a video recording demanding a $100,000 payment and a monthly stipend of $10,000 from [big-time Dem moneyman] Ronald W. Burkle in return for keeping negative information about him out of the paper. Mr. Stern was suspended Thursday pending the outcome of the investigation, and could be dismissed, according to Howard Rubenstein, the spokesman.
Yeah, I suppose he could.

hat-tip: Austin Bay via Power Line Blog News
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