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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quote Of The Day

"We're the most investigated army in history and we are investigating ourselves and we take allegations of detainee abuse seriously. The Army does not tolerate detainee abuse. Army policy requires that all detainees are treated humanely."
-- Army spokesman Maj. Wayne Marotto

Marotto was commenting to the WashTimes at the near-conclusion of the Pentagon's investigation of charges of mistreatment ("torture" to the ACLU crowd) of detainees in Afghanistan, Iraq and Quantanamo.

The Army has processed more than 56,000 prisoners during the GWOT, and is holding 15,000. More than 600 criminal investigations have been held resulting in charges against 251 soldiers. Three cases remain. They are not "torture" cases; they simply involve determinations as to whether the military code was violated.

Marotto wouldn't say how many, if any, of the investigations found that torture had occurred. Several cases -- like an ACLU allegation of pulled-out toenails, electric shocks and beatings -- have been proven untrue.

Another detainee charged that U.S. soldiers attacked him with lions. The Army dutifully investigated the charge and determined the detainee, Mohammed (there's that Prophet of Peace name again!) Sabbar was lyin' about lions.

Now really, could you imaging a single Muslim Islamocracy bothering to investigate such charges ... other than to determine if the fangs and claws were sharp enough to inflict great pain?

p.s.: That photo's a set-up, so don't get all upset. The lion had been shot on a safari and the merry hunters set up this oh-so-cute photo, asking one of the crew to lie down and make it look like the lion had him. It's about as truthful as most ACLU/human rights charges drawn from detainee accounts!

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