Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, April 27, 2006

500 km Closer

Missiles developed by Russia to fire from subs towards western targets have made their way to North Korea, where the NoKo's, who aren't interested in making Hyundais and feeding their people, improved their performance and sold them to Iran, which now can lock on western targets.

Funny how the Axis of Evil works.

The missiles are the BM-25, with a 2,500 km (1,500 mile) range, 500 km more than the Iranian's new Shihab 4, and 1,200 km more than their more ubiquitous Shihab 3.

That means Iran could take out the Jews and a whole bunch of Catholics all at once -- if fired from Western Iran, a BM-25 could hit Rome.

The info comes from Israeli intelligence, which also has one of the shorter projections of when the Iranians will actually be able to pull this off.

What's that I hear? Nero fiddling?

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