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Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Were They Investing There In The First Place?

The University of California Regents, facing 100 arm-locked students, decided to divest its investment holdings in Sudan.

How do you even invest in Sudan?

And once you figure out how, why in the world would you?

Regents shouldn't need a student demonstration to tell them that investing in genocidal -- long, long-time genocidal Sudan -- is a very bad thing to do. Still, they bragged:

"UC made a decision that was a model. UC can be a catalyst for the nation," said Adam Sterling, a UCLA student and co-chairman of the UC Sudan Divestment Taskforce. (AP)
How pathetic. Any decent, moral organization should have looked at its holding years ago, seen that this mining company or that oil company was active in Sudan, and dumped the stock. Either you're for slavery and genocide, or you're against it.

Apparently, there are many universities around the nation, all hallmarks of liberal values, that still hold Sudan investments in their porfolio. Yet they preach to us as if they had some kind of moral high ground!

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