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Saturday, March 04, 2006

"King Of Pork" Pushed To Retire

Bill Thomas, the moderate Republican from Bakersfield who chairs House Ways & Means, is considering retirement. Many are praying he'll make the right choice. (Hint: In Italian, its arrivederci.)

The Bakersfield Californian quoted Cal. Republican Assembly pres. Mike Spence saying, "We're hopefull that Bill Thomas is soon going to be leaving Congress."

Flash Report, a great source of California Republican news, headlined its item, "Mercurial GOP congressman from Bakersfield, best known for brining home 'pork' for his district, and temper tantrums, may ride into the sunset." It linked to another B.Californian article that says CRA is considering a resolution that calls on Thomas to retire and labels him the "King of Pork."

Thomas has scheduled a press conference for Monday morning.