Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, March 03, 2006


I cracked up when I read this story, emailed to me by a friend (so there's no link):
Security plan imperils endangered species

An area just north of Tijuana and south of San Diego -- the last refuge for many endangered species -- is being threatened by a fence.

The National Estuarine Research reserve -- all that remains of the wilderness that once was common in southern California -- is home to more than 350 species of birds, as well as 20 kinds of fish and a plethora of other endangered animals and plants.

Now, in the name of national security, the Department of Homeland Security wants to build 15-foot-high fencing just south of the federally protected land -- a border protection project environmentalists say could spell disaster for the sensitive ecology of the region, The San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday.

But the Department of Homeland Security can waive any federal, state or local laws or rules to build barriers and roads along the Mexican border.
I have so much to say, I'd better number them:
  1. This is an ancient story. The environmentalists sued and sued and sued, and lost and lost and lost. It's over, done. Why another story? It's like the attempted re-birthing of the Katrina story that's going on.
  2. Did it ever occur to these whackos that a fence will stop the nightly crushing foot traffic of running illegals that now smashes their "plethora of endangered animals and plants?"
  3. I've seen the biology reports on that area. It's a thin plethora, indeed -- and most of those critters live elsewhere, as well. But did the reporter ask for documentation? Ha!
  4. Can't birds fly over fences?
  5. Plants stick pretty much where they're planted, so how does a fence impact them?
  6. Fish?! Unless the fence runs out to Hawaii, don't they just swim around?