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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Food For Thought On Dubai

Larry Kudlow writes:
In my opinion, those conservatives who oppose the Dubai ports deal are lining up with the xenophobic protectionism of Pat Buchanan. The pessimistic Buchananites want to put a huge wall around America. They are isolationists. They have no global model of economic growth. On the other hand, conservatives in favor of the ports deal align themselves with the pro-growth, free-trade liberalizing tradition embodied by Jack Kemp. The Kemp adherents believe in breaking down global barriers in order to enhance prospects for prosperity and democratization everywhere. That’s what this thing is all about.
I don't like being associated with Buchanan, and while I'm quite ready to join Kudlow and Kemp philosophically, I'm not ready to join them in acceptance of the Dubai deal until the 45-day scrubbing it's due is completed. And let me state once again that the scrubbing is important not so much because it's the UAE, but because the CFIUS process needs to be improved, and the scrubbing should lead to that.

hat-tip: RCP
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