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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mr. Hamas Votes Nea

As the House of Representatives votes 418-1 in support of a resolution calling on the US to cut funding to the Hamas terrorist regime in Palestine, Hawaii Dem (what else?) Neil Abercrombie cast the solo nay vote.

A search of his site reveals no overt clues to his vote, but Congressional web sites are mastercrafts of deceit.

He serves on the Armed Services committee and it's clear he spends a lot of time pandering to his heavily military constituency. But he co-introduced HR 55, the cut-and-run resolution to bring home the troops now, and the Iraq Watch section of his site reveals a man dead-set against the war.

Hmmm ... against the war in Iraq and for sending money to Hamas. Are you getting the connection?

Who elects people like this? Palmtree Pundit, a little help?

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