Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

President Gains Support On Taps

Just a quick scan at Real Clear Politics this morning gives reassurance that the president is getting a lot of support on his obviously correct position on strategic use of NSA to gain domestic intelligence. Here's the run-down:

Why Didn't Bush Ask Congress -- George Will
A President Can Pull The Trigger -- John Yoo, LATimes
A Vital Presidential Power -- William Kristol & Gary Schmitt, WaPo
Don't Let Congress Trump National Security -- Jack Kelly
National Insecurity -- Debra Saunders, SFChron

And driving the bozo bus:

President Has Gone Too Far -- Paul Campos, Rocky Mt. News

I've been a Jack Kelly fan for some time (actually, since he led one of his columns with Cheat-Seeking Missiles), and he's true to form today:
There hasn't been a successful terrorist attack in the United States since Sep. 11th, 2001. Congress may be about to change that.
If the Dems think for a minute that we are bleeding in our hearts over the rights of some American citizen who's working with al Qaeda to blow up other American citizens, they're sorely mistaken.