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Sunday, November 27, 2005

With Friends Like Kucinich ...

Dennis Kucinich is unhappy that the LATimes dismissed from its staff one of the only people in America as cracked as he is. In a letter to the publisher, Kucinich and 23 other ultra-left congressionals attribute to columnist Robert Scheer much of the whackiness of this set, including (with my comments in blue):
In 1996, Scheer criticized welfare reform for its effect on the poor as soon as the economy turns south. Better to keep them wholly dependent on Dem largesse than teach them to fend for themselves!

In 200 [sic], Scheer predicted the Bush/Cheney ticket's close ties to the oil industry would ensure consumers would "feel the sting from the exorbitant price of gas." We'll let the date typo pass because what's important here is how paranoia, hate and anti-oil trump good ol' supply and demand every time with these guys.

In 2001, Scheer identified the dangerous precedent of the Patriot Act. He forecast the attack on our basic liberties. Name one normal American who's been negatively impacted by the Patriot Act. Name one person who's "basic liberties" were impacted who was above suspicion. And name all the names of all the people whose lives have been saved because an act of terror wasn't carried out thanks to intelligence gained through the Patriot Act. What a bunch of Sept. 10-ers!

In 2003, Scheer was already making a strong case for the U.S. getting out of Iraq. That would be before the Iraqis were free, before the purple fingers, before the trial of Saddam, before the spread of hunger for democracy throughout much of the Arab world. How very commendable.
Don't let these looney electeds go unchallenged. Email the LAT publisher today and let him know you think it's just great they've booted Scheer. Here's his email address: