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Saturday, November 26, 2005

There Ought To Be A Law

It's a good thing Imam Fawaz Damra, the leader of Ohio's largest mosque, is behind bars and awaiting deportation. (source, h/t Michelle)

It's a bad thing that a man who openly supports terrorism and the killing of Jews is the man more Ohio Muslims turn to for teaching than anyone else in their state. And it's a bad thing that he's the man many point to as an example of Islam being a religion of peace. And finally, it's a terrible thing that a country at war doesn't have better laws to take care of people like this.

Look at his picture -- he appears to be the epitome of the "good Muslim" CAIR is telling us we should welcome to America. Here's how NPR started a profile of him:
For more than 10 years, Imam Fawaz Damra was among Cleveland's most respected religious leaders. The head of the Islamic Center of Greater Cleveland attracted a congregation of 5,000 and built Ohio's biggest mosque. The 40-year-old Palestine immigrant became a leading advocate of cooperation among Muslims, Christians and Jews.
Yet we have recordings of Damra dating back to the late 1980s advocating terrorism, but he's been on the streets every day since Sept. 11 even though he lied about his ties to terrorist organizations when applying for citizenship -- and was convicted for it.

Being convicted of immigration fraud is not sufficient grounds for expulsion.

So this convicted imam returned to his mosque and his Islamic Center, where he spewed his private rage that was so different than his public pronouncments: His private Jews "are the sons of monkeys and pigs" filth and his "terrorism and terrorism alone is the path to liberation" filth. And we let him.

We're only getting Damra because feds found evidence that he raised funds for terrorist groups. We need new laws, better laws, that are hard, very hard, on terrorists on our shores -- those who lied and raised money like Damra, and those who are just hanging out waiting to be activated.