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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Stop Off-Planet Drilling!

Will that be the next battle cry of the Greens? It might be if the theories of those who hold that oil is not produced by the decompositon of ancient organic matter holds true. From GreenieWatch:

Below is an amusing email from Andrew Nimmo (Space Development Council secretary -- to Benny Peiser in which he also advances reasons to be skeptical about the "fossil" origin of oil:


If Jerome Corsi or anyone else is really interested in the "fountain of youth" as far as oil is concerned, I can tell you exactly where it is. Right above your heads in the sky. There's oil galore up there!

A number of asteroids are what is called 'carbonaceous chondrites' and back in the 70s as I recall, a number of these were spectro-analysed. Virtually all of them turned out to be partially made up of what was called "oil-like sludge". On average, 10% of every carbonaceous chondrite appeared to be made up of this - and the vast majority of all of the thousands of relatively large asteroids so far discovered are carbonaceous chondrites.

Should our planet really ever run short of oil, I guess the oil companies could probably afford to go up there and import some, but it would almost certainly turn out to be very politically incorrect to do so. Do the 'fossil-fuel' folk really think our asteroids once teemed with life? Personally I don't, but I do very much suspect the oil off Mexico's shore probably came down with the dinosaur-killer itself. No wonder there were world-wide fires!