Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Smart Move By Armed Forces Network

Liberal radio host Ed Schultz spent the last week playing clips where he asked childish and churlish questions, which were then answered by clips from the soldiers who participated in last week's session with President Bush. I didn't hear it, but it sounds like a typical, illogical lefty slam.

So it's good news that Armed Forces Radio has rescinded its offer to air the first hour of Schultz's show to troops overseas. (source)

Our soldiers are fighting a good war, and it is not the function of Armed Forces Network to broadcast to them someone who is a dumpy, less attractive version of Tokyo Rose. There is simply no point in burdening them with having to defend their actions daily to a jerk with a mike who apparently has forgotten that we're at war with a ruthless and dedicated enemy that already has killed over 5,000 Americans, including 2,000 of our brave troops.

Liberals will howl censorship, but censorship has nothing to do with it. This is war, and in war, sensibility must prevail, along with a dedication to protecting our troops and puting their interests first.

h/t Media Bistro