Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Why Socialists Are So Angry

Poor Suburban Guerilla had her cell phone turned off because she hadn't paid her bill on time. Excuses she has lots of, but the long and short of it: She missed the deadline and they dinged her a $36 re-connect fee. Does S.G. promise to clean up her act? No. She rants against the system she can't change instead of changing the person she can:
I'm not begging again; I'm just pissed. People like me - the kind of people who live so close to the edge, the people who don't have wiggle room - are constantly slammed with these kind of fees. Why? Because we don't make enough money to pay our bills on time. An 80% late fee? Outrageous.

How do these corporate vampires sleep? Oh, I know. They remind themselves what a great job they do increasing shareholder value.
I wonder why she's slammed. What did she study in school? What kind of job does she have? What does she spend too much money on? It's interesting that a woman with a car and a cell phone rants against the capitalist system. Perhaps she should try a stint in a country that doesn't have any corporate vampires. North Korea, Cuba or Myanmar might suit her fancy.