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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Moron Gas Prices (Oops, More On ...)

Following a flurry of recent gas price posts (here and here) spawned by my indignance at Rather's parting gift of baseless sensationalism ("How high prices will go is the question. There's no road map because this is the first time it’s demand driven."), here's some good stuff of the ridiculousness of this story from Neil Boortz, passed along by Greenie Watch:
How many years has it been since an oil refinery was built in the United States? I think that it's been over 25 years. Can't you imagine that this is having some affect on getting gas to the pumps for your Summer driving? And then there's all those special blends. We have about 55 different blends for different parts of the country .. all demanded by the eco-whacko crowd. The refineries can't keep up.