Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Kofi Koffs Up A Hairball Reform Idea

No one expected much out of Kofi Annan's long-heralded UN reform package that was unveiled yesterday. I've been tracking this for a while, but will defer to the WSJ's Claudia Rosett, who has done an excellent job of seeing the Emporer's new clothes for what they are. (here) Excerpt:
Mr. Annan forges on to propose nothing less than reforming the entire known universe, via the U.N., while he bangs the drum for a budget to match. He wants to expand his own staff, change the world's climate, end organized crime, eliminate all private weapons, and double U.N.-directed development aid to the tune of at least $100 billion a year, "front-loaded," for his detailed plan to end world poverty. This comes from a U.N. that only three months ago was finally strong-armed by Congress into coughing up the secret internal Oil for Food audits confirming that under Mr. Annan's stewardship the U.N. was not even adequately auditing its own staff operations.
(h/t the ever-valuable Real Clear Politics.)