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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Those in a Rush to Kill Schiavo ...

Here's an excellent column by John O'Sullivan in the Chicago Sun Times (h/t Real Clear Politics) that is one of the more clear presentations of Terri's cases I've read. Two excerpts:
When southern juries failed to convict the plain murderers of black Americans and civil rights workers, the feds intervened to protect the civil rights of the deceased. How much more reasonable it is to protect the civil rights of the still-not deceased Terri Schiavo from the questionable decisions of the judge.

Whatever Nazi theory held about the unfit, the Nazis feared the German people would resist the murder of innocent people with mental illnesses. Even in a society hardened by war and brutalized by Nazi propaganda, they took refuge in euphemisms. The official Nazi form letter sent to relatives included this sentence: "In view of the nature of his serious, incurable ailment, his death, which saved him from a lifelong institutional sojourn, is to be regarded merely as a release." ... There are echoes in those words of the current advocacy of euthanasia and assisted suicide -- and, inevitably, of the Terri Schiavo case.
Note, this is the Chicago Sun Times. It's doubtful you will find such clear-headed writing in the Chicago Tribune, or its sister papers, the Los Angeles Times and Newsday.