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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Signs We Won't See at Terri's Hospice

When a judge appointed by a Democratic governor fails to stipulate that Terri's feeding tube should be re-inserted while the Schiavos appeal, it is evident the will to kill has become all-consuming. You would think these committed folks would show up outside Terri's hospice ... but you can count on it: They won't.

Is it really this black and white? Yes, absolutely give life the benefit of doubt.

These men look so sad and upset because a murderer is being put to death. They probably were just as upset when Congress intervened to save the life of a helpless woman.

This woman was protesting the execution of Timothy McVeigh, carrying a sign that says Bush is the killer who needs to be stopped. Do you think she's lucid enough to see that Terri's life should be saved?

Hmmm ... this sign seems to get it right. Let's get a copy and head down to Florida.