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Monday, June 09, 2008

Universal Health Care 101

Here's a good rule of thumb: Before handing over the management of something important --your life and death, for example -- to someone else, you probably ought to look at their management history.

So before we fold before the Hillarycare or Obamacare juggernauts, we ought to look at the sort of work their home office -- the U.S. Senate -- is doing.

Year after year, decade upon decade, the U.S. Senate's network of restaurants has lost staggering amounts of money -- more than $18 million since 1993, according to one report, and an estimated $2 million this year alone, according to another.

The financial condition of the world's most exclusive dining hall and its affiliated Capitol Hill restaurants, cafeterias and coffee shops has become so dire that, without a $250,000 subsidy from taxpayers, the Senate won't make payroll next month.

The embarrassment of the Senate food service struggling like some neighborhood pizza joint has quietly sparked change previously unthinkable for Democrats. Last week, in a late-night voice vote, the Senate agreed to privatize the operation of its food service, a decision that would, for the first time, put it under the control of a contractor and all but guarantee lower wages and benefits for the outfit's new hires. (WaPo)
When the healthcare debate fires up, let's be sure to remind DiFi of her comments on this affair:
Candidly, I don't think the taxpayers should be subsidizing something that doesn't need to be. There are parts of government that can be run like a business and should be run like businesses.
Sounds like the house special at the restaurants, day in and day out, is Bull**** in Bull**** Sauce.

hat-tip: Jim

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