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Monday, June 09, 2008

A Relief From Evil In Myanmar

One month and seven days ago, the Myanmar cyclone hit shore, permanently freeing 78,000 souls from their miserable existence under the ruling hounds of Hell junta. Finally, this weekend:
United Nations helicopters fanned out across Myanmar's devastated Irrawaddy delta for the first time Monday, ferrying critical supplies to villages that have been struggling to survive since the May 2-3 cyclone, an official said. ...

Until now, the U.N. had one helicopter operating in Myanmar that flew a total of six trips last week, [U.N. spokesperson Paul] Risley said. Supplies were mainly being delivered by boats that took several hours to navigate short distances in the delta's network of waterways. "Today was the first day where you really saw a multiplier effect," he said, adding that the helicopters reached four remote villages Monday morning. "These are areas that clearly have not received regular supplies of food or other relief assistance."

Just a note to those who refer to Bush as Hitler: There are real evils in this world, including horrific, powerful people who do actually put their power and interests above the very lives of others. None of these people -- not a one -- live at 1600 Pennsylvania Blvd.

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