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Friday, May 02, 2008

Watcher's Winners

Here are the winners from this week's Watcher of Weasels weekly trans-blogosphere quest for good stuff, as divined by the oracles of the Watcher's Council. Or some such thing.

First place deservedly goes to The Total Witlessness of Obama Apologists from Rightwing Nuthouse, a fine fisking of a particularly loony Obama nut. (By the way, I just realized that when Obama goes to Japan, he will be called by the honorific Obamasama!)

Frequent chart-topper Wolf Howling came in second with Outfoxed By Obama & The Twelve Unasked Questions, a "the questions he shouldda asked" piece that poses some real stinkers you'll never hear asked ... and certainly will never hear answered.

But you know the answers anyway.

I also draw your attention to Joshuapundit's The Company One Keeps a who's who of nefarious dudes in the Obama camp.

My little contribution, Obama's Exxon Valdez got linked at the New York Times, but skunked by the tough judges of the Watcher's Council!

On the non-Council side 'tis as I divined:

In first, An Anatomy of Surrender from City Journal, a frightening contemporary history of the media's complicity in Islam's rise in Europe, and in second, Political Maneuver in Counterinsurgency from Small Wars Journal, which shows how a new road can be a strategic weapon of great significance.

See all the winners here.