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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Set Your DVR

This Friday on E! Television, Incredible Wife will get a national moment for her Voice of the Victims films.

The show is called THS Investigates: Prom Nightmares and airs at 8 Eastern/7 Central (check your local listings). It includes a segment on Cathy Isford, a girl who died after taking Ecstasy at her prom. Hers is one of four stories on Incredible Wife's film for teens and young adults. Cathy's the cute brunette you see in the Voice of the Victims ad on your right.

The THS crew used our office to shoot the interviews with the Isford family and Incredible Wife, and we're told she'll get on-screen titles for her Web site -- a plug that a few million people will view. Since the mission of her film is to get it into the hands of people who need it, this could be a great moment for her work.

If you're curious, or if you or your kids or your grandkids are at or approaching prom age, this could be a good thing to watch. (It was -- they did a great job!)

And by the way, if you're curious or if you, your kids, etc., are prom age, you should consider getting a copy of the films yourself.

Catch a preview here. The clip doesn't include anything on Cathy, but gives you a pretty good idea of what the story line is: the risks kids put themselves in because of bad choices they make -- and a lot of bad choices are made around prom and graduation.