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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama Gets Valued Castro Kudos

I missed this news from Monday (so shoot me), but it merits repeating: Fidel Castro has picked Barack Obama as "the most-advanced candidate in the presidential race."

It wasn't quite a full-on endorsement since Castro's not happy with Obama's call for a continued (though loosened) Cuba boycott, but it's clear Castro thinks he's got more in common with Obama than either Hillary or McCain.

The Obama campaign should be able to tweak Castro's kudos enough to use it along with their valuable Hamas and Michael Moore endorsements. That'll shore up support from the whacko Left (as if they need it). And hey, since Obama's included Raul Castro with Ahmadinejad as blood-soaked despots he'll talk to without condition, he just might be able to get a full endorsement yet.

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