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Thursday, April 17, 2008

China Helping Mugabe Crush Opposition

Because I've been writing a lot about China's repression of Tibet lately, I've been getting a fair amount of hate comments from yellow journalists China supporters. I wonder if they support this:
A Chinese ship anchored outside Durban port in South Africa earlier this week with a consignment of arms for Zimbabwe, where a bloody crackdown on the opposition is in full swing.

An investigative magazine, Noseweek, raised the alert Wednesday, saying the An Yue Yiang was waiting for permission to offload 70 tonnes of weapons for transport by road to Zimbabwe.

The shipment comprised millions of rounds of ammunition for AK-47 assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, grenade launchers, and mortar bombs and tubes, Noseweek editor Martin Welz, who saw the shipping manifest, said.

Customs officials confirmed that the ship was carrying arms. The ship's captain confirmed to SAPA news agency he had cargo for Zimbabwe.

According to Welz, the shipment was paid for in January, two months before Zimbabwe's disputed elections.

But the timing of the delivery, coming amid mounting reports of 'revenge' attacks by Zanu-PF supporters on supporters of the rival Movement for Democratic Change, has raised fears the weapons, even if part of a routine order, could be used against civilians. (source)
Mugabe should be leaving office, having lost an election fair and square before his party made the results indecisive, unfair and unsquare. Instead, he is clinging to his job, despite having utterly ruined one of Africa's finest countries through his greed and corruption.

And what does China -- the country my commenters would have us believe is the victim of the Tibetans instead of the other way around -- do at this critical juncture? Do they support the people? Of course not!

They support the man who is poised to brutally repress his own people, like an acorn that hasn't fallen far from the China tree.

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