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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

China Attacks The Blogosphere!

The relentless Chinese PR machine rolls on! Now they're attacking blogs like mine, posting hideously translated comments in support of totalitarian repression and opposed to human rights.

Here's one that just posted:
unfair to Chinese people

China will be stronger and stronger thats envied by others, so they insult
it to express their losed moods. All of Chinese people should integrate into one
country with more freedom and wealth. we believe we can do it.
Yeah, and I believe you're headed for a massive humanitarian meltdown because the Chinese approach of integrating into one country is a forced march, not a mixing pot.

I can't help myself; I see these comment-writers in a nasty Chinese prison, forced to work 16 hours a day hunting down anti-Chinese posts in the blogosphere, then using a lousy translating program to put up responses, as armed guards loom threateningly over them.

Here's another fine example:
"Beijing, your slogans thrill but your actions kill.''

Let me offer up an alternative:

"Read History about your own country ! The [sic] Read History about
I've read the history of my own country -- one not written as a propaganda tool of Chinese Communists, thank you -- and I've studied Tibet under the older brother of the Dalai Lama, and I've studied the techniques of Communism from Stalin to Pol Pot to Hu, so don't mess with me, you running dog lacky of the Red Monster!

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